SAM Desktop

Keep Operations Running Smoothly

Samdesk for Travel

Unpredictable events can have a huge impact on operations in the travel industry and cannot be planned for so, the sooner you know, the sooner you can react. 

Situational awareness and fast alerts mean you can get ahead of a crisis to keep people safe and get operations back on track with our real-time crisis alerts.

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Speed to Awareness

Take action sooner with our speedy, social media-powered alerts, notifying you quickly to developing situations across the globe.

Visual Data

On-the-ground photos, videos and eye-witness accounts give you context when executing a response. 

Smooth Operations

Keep on top of crisis situations that are relevant to your service delivery on a global or local level, around the clock. 

"Having access to breaking information from samdesk means that we keep on top of the various incidents and events that have the potential to impact on our service delivery."

Paul Buckley

Head of Social Media, Aer Lingus