SAM Desktop

Manage Risk, Recover Business

Samdesk for Transport & Logistics

Quickly restore critical business function and efficiently execute contingency plans when unplanned events threaten operations.

Actionable insights mean you can stay one step ahead of a developing situation to get operations back on track with samdesk's real-time crisis alerts. 

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Speed to Awareness

Take action sooner with our speedy, social media-powered alerts, alerting you quickly to developing situations across the globe.

Actionable Insights

Access information in real-time that you can act on. Make informed decisions to keep transport and logistics running smoothly.

Your Business

Keep on top of situations and locations relevant to you and to your business around the world, 24/7.
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"For companies looking to have access to a source of global information, around the clock, we’d definitely recommend samdesk as a great first point of information."

Karl Kirkcaldy

Group Head of intelligence, Anvil Group