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Vital Speed, Detailed Context


Samdesk for NGOs

Understanding an unfolding situation is vital for teams monitoring underreported areas so they can provide the most effective aid. Real-time crisis alerts give speedy situational awareness to teams on the ground enabling quicker, more informed decision-making. 

Make more informed decisions when monitoring disruption with samdesk's real-time crisis alerts. 

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Real-Time Alerts

Respond with speed and efficiency thanks to valuable insights from social media-powered crisis alerts. 

Be Prepared

SAM provides eye-witness accounts, images from the ground and more so you can effectively respond to a developing situation.

Localized Events

Receive alerts that are relevant to you and your team, so you can focus on providing the best response possible.

"Between the live monitoring and alert monitoring, samdesk provides us with 24/7 alerts for our district, county, state and country."

Paul Hildreth

Emergency Operations, Fulton County Schools