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More Information, Better Response


Samdesk for First Responders

For any first responder time and context are crucial when arriving on a scene. Real-time crisis alerts can provide information in the earliest instance to help you make informed decisions, and keep on top of any new developments (on a localized level.)

Gain the advantage of time and context with samdesk's real-time crisis alerts providing you with up-to-date information, on-the-ground accounts, multimedia and more.

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Speedy Alerts

React faster and more effectively with invaluable insights from our speedy, real-time alerts.

Situational Awareness

Gain a better understanding of a developing situation from eye-witness accounts, live visuals and raw data.

Hyper Relevant

Get alerted to events that are relevant to you and your team, so you can focus on forming the most effective response.

"Between the live monitoring and alert monitoring, samdesk provides us with 24/7 alerts for our district, county, state and country."

Paul Hildreth

Emergency Operations, Fulton County Schools