SAM Desktop

Early Indication, Quick Response

Samdesk for Finance

Early indications about market-moving events can provide critical insight, allowing you to quickly put the necessary measures in place to keep people and business safe while minimising losses.

Get ahead of a crisis that could impact your people, business and the financial industry with our real-time crisis alerts providing continuous updates, on-the-ground reports, images, videos and more.

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Speedy Alerts

Implement your crisis response to an event before it hits major news with insights from our speedy, social media-powered alerts. 

Broad Context

Make informed decisions with eye-witness accounts, raw data, images and videos in the earliest instances.

Hyper Relevant

Be alerted to events that are relevant to you and your organisation without time-consuming manual searches.
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"For companies looking to have access to a source of global information, around the clock, we’d definitely recommend samdesk as a great first point of information."

Karl Kirkcaldy

Group Head of intelligence, Anvil Group