SAM Desktop

Keeping Campus Safe and Secure


Samdesk for Education

Learning about a crisis in the earliest instance can help you stay ahead of events that might impact people and operations, allowing you to make quicker, more measured judgement calls to keep sites safe.

Take action sooner and keep on top developing situations with our real-time crisis alerts giving you up-to-date information, accounts from the scene, multimedia and more.

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Speedy Alerts

Respond effectively to a crisis before it's major news with intel from our speedy, social media-powered alerts. 

Situational Awareness

Get eye-witness accounts, live visuals and raw data to make the most informed decision for your organisation.

Hyper Relevant

Events relevant to you in the places you want to find them without time-consuming keyword searches.

"We tried many approaches such as TweetDeck, but most of that information is just clutter and loud talk. Hard to follow, and interpret. It was just not effective enough to use. Samdesk solved all this."

Paul Hildreth

Emergency Operations, Fulton County Schools