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Disruption Monitoring with Samdesk

Monitoring disruptions for travelling employees and business overseas is crucial in the modern working world. An understanding of the risks posed across the globe is imperative when making vital business decisions. 

Use raw data from samdesk to create security profiles for areas of interest and effectively plan, while keeping an eye on daily disruptions so you can quickly and easily respond.

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Speedy Alerts

Respond to a crisis before it's major news with intel from our speedy, social media powered alerts. 

Situational Awareness

Get eye-witness accounts, live visuals and raw data to make the most informed decision.


Events relevant to you in the places you want to find them without time-consuming keyword searches.
Aer Lingus

"Having access to breaking information from samdesk means that we keep on top of the various incidents and events that have the potential impact on our service delivery."

Paul Buckley

Head of Social Media, Aer Lingus