SAM Desktop

Actionable Insights and Situational Awareness


Crisis Alerts with Samdesk

Learning about a crisis in the earliest instance can help you provide effective information and support to your teams, clients and operations.

Take action sooner and keep on top of a developing situation with samdesk's real-time crisis alerts giving you continuous updates, eye-witness accounts, multimedia and more.

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Speedy Alerts

Respond to a crisis before it's major news with intel from our speedy, social media powered alerts. 

Situational Awareness

Get eye-witness accounts, live visuals and raw data to make the most informed decision.


Events relevant to you in the places you want to find them without time-consuming keyword searches.
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"For companies looking to have access to a source of global information, around the clock, we’d definitely recommend samdesk as a great first point of information."

Karl Kirkcaldy

Group Head of Intelligence, Anvil Group