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Business Continuity with Samdesk

Since 1980, there has been $1.6T in losses due to natural disasters in the US alone. External risks though not always preventable, can often be anticipated. 

Samdesk allows you to plan effectively and take action sooner by keeping on top of a developing situation with real-time crisis alerts, giving you continuous updates, eye-witness accounts, situational awareness and more. 

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Speedy Alerts

Respond to a crisis before it's major news with intel from our speedy, social media powered alerts. 

Situational Awareness

Get eye-witness accounts, live visuals and raw data to make the most informed decision.


Events relevant to you in the places you want to find them without time-consuming keyword searches.
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"For companies looking to have access to a source of global information, around the clock, we’d definitely recommend samdesk as a great first point of information."

Karl Kirkcaldy

Group Head of Intelligence, Anvil Group