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Find Stories At The Start Of Their Lifecycle


Breaking News with Samdesk

Learning about a crisis in the earliest instance gives you more time to assess, verify and publish the latest breaking news, fast.

Real-time crisis alerts give you continuous updates, eye-witness accounts, varied multimedia and more, meaning you can keep readers on top of the latest developments as the situation unfolds. 

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Speedy Alerts

Find stories before they hit major news with intel from our speedy, social media powered alerts. 

Situational Awareness

Get eye-witness accounts, live visuals and raw data to gain a better understanding of the story.


Events relevant to you in the places you want to find them without time-consuming keyword searches.
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"I like that we can feel like we’re on top of all the unpredictable events happening on our patch, without having to deal with all the irrelevant noise and distractions of tons of TweetDeck columns. It’s made my job easier, 100%."

Stephen Jones

Social Media Editor, Press Association